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Buccaneers – Rams (16-13): never underestimate the heart of Tom Brady!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5) – Los Angeles Rams (3-5): 16-13

In the hard while they were once again part of the favorites this year, the Buccaneers and the Rams needed a success this Sunday to try to finally start their season. For much of the match, defending champion Los Angeles raced in the lead. But once again, the Rams missed their fourth quarter, while Tom Brady proved he still had magic in his hands…

A touchdown from Cooper Kupp…and not much else

Possessing two of the least prolific offenses in the NFL this season, the Buccaneers and Rams are true to themselves early in the game. Tom Brady’s band (36/58 in the pass, 280 YDS, 1 TD) certainly manages to move forward in the air but as so often this year, it gets stuck as soon as it approaches the red zone. Tampa Bay must thus be satisfied with two field goals in the first period (out of three attempts, one being blocked by Bobby Wagner).

Rams side? It’s not really any better: six drives, five punts. Matthew Stafford (13/27, 165 YDS, 1 TD) is repeatedly put under pressure by the Florida defense, including tackle Vita Vea who is doing a big job. Only stroke of brilliance, this bomb from 69 yards to star receiver Cooper Kupp (8 REC, 127 YDS, 1 TD) which allows Los Angeles to lead the score at the break 6-7.

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100k and a game-winning drive for Tom Brady

The second half starts on a similar basis to the first. Translation, not much exciting is going on. The most striking action of the third quarter is a… punt record of 74 yards signed Jake Camarda, which ignites (a little) the public of the Bucs.

At the same time, the Rams still manage to increase their advantage. Star defense Aaron Donald proves decisive by sacking Tom Brady on a fourth down, the running game is finally illustrated through Darrell Henderson Jr., and Cooper Kupp releases a new big play. All this allows Los Angeles to add two field goals and thus have a touchdown lead (6-13) at the start of the fourth quarter.

In the final period, Tom Brady becomes the first quarterback in history to exceed the bar of 100,000 career yards (regular season + playoffs), but the essential is elsewhere. Tampa Bay needs a win so Brady decides to don the hero costume. Returned to 9-13 on a field goal, the Buccaneers initially failed on a fourth attempt two minutes from the end, but quickly recovered the ball from the last chance thanks to the too conservative Rams. The following ?

28-yard reception for Cade Otton (5 REC, 68 YDS, 1 TD), two receptions for 21 yards from Scotty Miller, a pass interference for the Rams defense, and a touchdown nine seconds from the end for Brady who finds Otton once again. It’s Tom Brady’s 55th career game-winning drive, a new NFL record. 16-13 Tampa Bay, Sean McVay’s men are knocked out!

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