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Raiders – Colts (20-25): Jeff Saturday wins his first match!

Las Vegas Raiders (2-7) – Indianapolis Colts (4-5-1): 20-25

It was hot for the premiere of Jeff Saturday! Arrived to everyone’s surprise last week, the Colts coach holds his first victory after a match that got carried away in the second half and panting until the end.

After 4 touchdowns in a row, the match was decided on a final possession by the Raiders. So 16 yards from in-goal and with a 4&7 to play, Derek Carr (24/38, 242 yards, 2TD) chooses to play the duel between Davante Adams (9rec, 126 yards, 1TD) and Stephon Gilmore . Despite his big game, Adams loses the duel for victory and once again sees his team lose.

The Colts shoot first

Jeff Saturday surprises entry by giving Matt Ryan (21/28; 222 yards, 1TD) holder and it makes him well. After several punts, it is the Colts who open hostilities first. Indianapolis continues the races and manages to go up 70 yards to conclude with a touchdown (0-7) on a full center race from Ryan in 1&goal. The visitors take a little more lead on the scoreboard when they add a field goal (0-10) on their next offensive series.

The Colts even have the opportunity to take a bigger lead when they reach the red zone before seeing Keke Coutee lose the leather on the race following his reception…

Behind, the Raiders take the opportunity to recover the leather. A chance that follows the team on the following actions with in particular a Davante Adams who plays the tightrope walker and breaks several tackles for an improbable gain of 18 yards in the third attempt. After a successful 4 & 1, the Raiders see Derek Carr find Foster Moreau (3rec, 43 yards, 1TD) in the endzone to return to 7-10.

But Indianapolis restores a little margin just before halftime by gaining enough yards in 59 seconds for Chase McLaughlin to add a field goal from 48 yards (7-13).

4 in a row

Back from the locker room, the Colts shoot themselves in the foot with a missed field goal and especially seeing their opponents leave well placed. The punishment is not long in coming with an attack from the Raiders that chains actions and takes its time to advance the chains.

After 7 minutes of possession, the ball was given to Josh Jacobs who crossed the end line to give the home side the advantage for the first time in the match (14-13).

This is the moment chosen by Jonathan Taylor (22 races, 147 yards, 1TD) to strike. He who was limited to the race until then and who had not scored a td since week 1, managed a run of 66 yards for the touchdown (14-19, because 2-point conversion failed).

The match gets carried away with a 3rd touchdown in a row! This time it only takes 3 actions for the Raiders to score with Carr escaping the pressure and serving Davante Adams who avoids a few tackles to pass a 48-yard reception-race. Touchdown and the locals go back to the score (20-19, 2-point conversion missed).

Again the crazy series continues with the Colts authors of a crazy drive. First, we are witnessing an unimaginable race from Ryan who gains 39 yards! Then it’s Pittman who covers himself a ball he had just lost on a reception. Behind these miraculous actions, Paris Campbell (7rec, 76 yards, 1TD) came out of nowhere to transform a short reception into a gain and touchdown of 35 yards to allow the Colts to take the lead (20-25). Once again the 2-point conversion is missed but Indianapolis takes a decisive advantage that the Colts will not let go.

The new Colts coach can therefore be happy. If everything was not perfect, he won his first game and his bet Ryan was successful for the attack. It’s the opposite for Josh McDaniels who still can’t find the solutions to make the Raiders win… Be careful, it’s urgent!

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