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West of the American: one of the closest races in history

Since the beginning of September, the playoff race has been the hot topic in the MLB. Whether in the American or in the National, everything is still to play for many teams.

This is one of the advantages that comes with having 12 teams in the playoffs rather than 10.

Obviously, the race for drafted teams is the one that gets most of the attention in both leagues. On the other hand, the Rays are still close to the Orioles at the top of the American East.

But the true race at the divisional level, this is the one that is currently taking place in the West of the American. The Astros are currently at the top, but the Mariners and Rangers are very, very close.

In fact, there is only half a match separating the three clubs at the moment. And when we look back since 1969 (the year the divisions were introduced), this is the first time a three-way race has been this close at this stage of the season.

Currently, the three clubs have 68 defeats. The Astros, however, won one more game (they have 85 victories), they who played one additional game compared to the other clubs.

But in reality, it’s almost a perfect equality.

Yesterday, all three clubs tasted victory. The Astros won 2-1 against the Orioles, the Mariners won 6-3 against the A’s and the Rangers destroyed the Red Sox by a score of 15-5.

And all three teams are off today.

At the end of the week, however, the Astros will have the chance to distance themselves. While the other two clubs will face each other for a series of three games, it is against the Royals that the defending champions will play.

That said, at the start of next week, we will be treated to a series between the Astros and the Mariners. And finally, the Mariners and the Rangers will face each other to finish the regular season. Clearly, these matches are going to be intense.

We therefore have the right to a big race within the West of America. I can’t wait to see what awaits us, but clearly, things are going to be turbulent and we can expect the pressure to be on the table.

Series matches before time, who says no?

Remember that the clubs which do not win their division will have to fight with the Blue Jays for the last two available places in the playoffs. And yesterday, Toronto won in the Bronx.

Note that the Twins are on the verge of qualifying for the division title in the Central and that the Rays and the Orioles are fighting to win their division.

The loser will finish fourth in the American.

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