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Oakland A’s: profits of $62.2 million in 2022

As is the case every year, Forbes reveals the ranking of the teams that are worth the most money in the MLB.

And as always, it’s the Yankees who are worth the most. For the 26th year in a row, they are at the top and at the moment the club is worth 7.1 billion dollars.

You can clearly see that the Yankees are alone in the world. After all, the Dodgers are second in the standings and they’re worth $2.3B less than the Bombardiers.

Here is the top-10, for those interested.

The Blue Jays, who are worth $2.1 billion, sit 14th in MLB. We are still talking, in one year, of an increase of 18%, which is not nothing.

But in my opinion, what is most interesting is to note the teams that made the most profit in 2022. That too is counted by Forbes.

And the results are… fascinating.

Bob Nightengale took the time to Tweeter the identity of the five teams that made the most money and the five that lost the most.

Among the clubs losing money are the Mets and Padres. The Mets are alone in the world since Steve Cohen’s club lost $138.5 million.

And it will be even worse this year with his payroll on steroids…

Note that the Blue Jays are the fourth least profitable team in the league. President Mark Shapiro said it recently: the owners (Rogers) want to win, even though the pandemic has been particularly difficult for the Canadian team.

Recall that the club played in the United States for more than a year.

But what is most shocking is to realize that clubs like the Orioles ($64.7M), A’s ($62.2M) and Pirates ($51.5M) have made a lot of money on a small payroll and the major league baseball’s revenue sharing system.

The case of the A’s throws me off my feet, honestly. After all, it’s the club that’s liquidated the most and that’s more than the 2022 wage bill.

I respect a club like the Twins. They’re in the $30.3M hole, but they gave Carlos Correa $35.1M anyway to win.

He helped sell jerseys and tickets, you might say, but let’s just say the Twins would have been closer to the green without him. But despite everything, he landed in town and he even came back.

I also have great respect for Steve Cohen, who really loves baseball.

But to see the A’s make so much money on such a small payroll, it’s unsettling. No one was going to see them, which says a lot about how the club managed to make so much money.

With that money, they might be able to start affording a ballpark… in Nevada. It’s a shame for Oakland fans, who deserve better.

It’s special to see that, isn’t it?

  • Michael Soroka in the AAA.
  • Shane McClanahan will launch on March 30.
  • It takes pitchers at the Classic in 2026.

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