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Ten MLB officials to retire

Almost always with good reason, several decisions of MLB officials are criticized. When controversy does surface, some referees are more often at the heart of it than others.

However, it is necessary to underline the long career which ends for some of them, of which Ted Barrett, Greg Gibson, Jerry Meals and Jim Reynolds, and this, in spite of the monumental blunders made at one time or another.

In total, ten major league baseball officials will retire and will therefore not be back for the next campaign, a high since the 1999 season.

Some of these retirements are due to injuries, while others are simply a personal decision.

For Barrett, it is a feeling of pride that inhabits him at the dawn of turning the page.

“I’m so grateful to have accomplished the career I’ve had and to be part of baseball history. I’m incredibly proud of the teams I’ve worked with and everything baseball has given me. »

This means that ten new faces will appear when the spring camps get under way. However, it will be necessary to be patient to see the first woman entering the MLB, since the first in the running, Jen Pawol, will not be part of the lot.

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