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Fernando Tatis Jr. has fun in the Dominican Republic

The least we can say is that the first years of Fernando Tatis Jr.'s career in major baseball were anything but smooth sailing.

Finalist for rookie of the year in the National League in 2019, interesting seasons in 2020 and 2021 then “descent into hell” in 2022 with his injury, but especially his suspension for having used performance-enhancing products.

Added to this is a fairly complete position change in 2023, from the infield to right field.

If Tatis Jr. left no one indifferent before, imagine now, as my colleague Sébastien Berrouard mentions in a text dating from April 2023.

Despite everything, in front of his family, the Dominican finds a way to have fun like crazy. He's hitting third and producing this winter, in a winter league.

The one who plays for the Estrellas Orientales in the Dominican Republic Winter League (LIDOM) and who has just celebrated his 25th anniversary is doing well. Alright. In interview at San Diego Union-Tribune on site in La Romana during a game, Padres manager Mike Shildt was very happy to see that his protégé had just stolen the second cushion and advanced to third on an error by the catcher.

Under the good command of his father Fernando Tatis, Junior works to become a more complete athlete.

Tatis Jr. adds that he feels good at home and that he feels like himself in the Dominican Republic. Always easier to work on yourself at home.

The next season will be interesting for Tatis Jr. He will certainly want to lie to his detractors who believe he is incapable of accomplishing great things.

It will rather be up to him to prove the opposite, while the Padres will be in a usual battle with the Dodgers, and most recently, with the Diamondbacks next season.

Antoine Desrosiers

If it concerns baseball in Quebec, he knows about it.

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