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Players want to be paid full price and resume canceled matches

If you feel that the 2022 MLB season will be negatively affected by the current pace of negotiations between the league and the Players Association, that is perfectly normal.

While Major League Baseball has clearly stated that for him, it will be impossible to hold a full schedule of 162 games, the players are rather of the opinion that it will be necessary to postpone the games which cannot be played at the start of the season.

Recall that in 2020, first because of the pandemic and then because of the slowness of the talks between the two camps, the season had lasted only 60 games. It would be amazing if anyone wanted to start all over again.

On Tuesday night, union representative Bruce Meyer added to that. He said that even if they would try to move them, the players want to be paid for the games that will be canceled.

This is the kind of statement that could cause problems for Rob Manfred and his gang. Major League Baseball’s commissioner had already announced that the first two series of the regular season would be canceled and that players would not receive any money in compensation.

Another Players Association representative, free agent pitcher Andrew Miller, argued at a press conference that the athletes on the circuit are willing to sit and wait as long as it takes to make their point.

“We are prepared. We saw it coming, in a way. It’s a shame, but it’s nothing new for us. It’s not shocking. “

On Wednesday, as Representative Tony Clark explained to Baseball America’s Kyle Glaserthe Players Association is prepared to remain in New York, discuss with league management and reach an agreement.

Unfortunately, it’s almost too little too late: since the work stoppage was implemented, the reputation of the Majors has already taken a hit. We have to agree – the opposite would be catastrophic.

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