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MLB in brief: Spencer Strider back for the playoffs? | Max Scherzer is healthy

Spencer Strider back for the playoffs?

That’s what the Braves want.

Adam Wainwright on his future

He will soon announce if he will be back in 2023.

Mike Trout leads active players for WAR

The retirement of his former teammate Albert Pujols (101.6) puts Mike Trout (82.4) at the top of the WAR among active players.

MLB also wanted to highlight (once again) the retirement of the two Cards legends, Pujols and Yadier Molina.

Francisco Lindor’s daughter loves Buck Showalter

She stole the show at her father’s press conference.

Max Scherzer is healthy

It is not an injury that explains his exit on Friday.

The Challenges of the East Division of the American

Every club has big questions to ask.

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