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Eric Hosmer agrees with the Cubs

In the last few days, there were rumors that the Cubs might be able to sign Eric Hosmer on the free agent market.

And now it has just been done on the basis of a one-year contract.

It’s a nice catch for the Cubs since he will be signing at minimum wage. After all, he’s still paid by the Padres, who saved most of his salary to send him to Boston last year.

And the Sox had made the choice to cut him, even if he was paid minimum wage by the club for another three years.

So the Cubs have sniffed out a good deal by finding a good veteran who can play first base, but who can also be a hitter of choice.

Casually, without having an elite club, the Chicago Cubs won’t have an ugly roster. The additions of big names like Cody Bellinger and Dansby Swanson will bring some hope to town.

If he can revive his career in his new colors, he could prolong his career. After all, over the next three years the Padres are going to pay him, which means he’ll sign for minimum wage if he stays in baseball.

We wish him.

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