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[vidéo] Here’s the Kansas City Chiefs’ 2023 championship ring

613 diamonds. 35 rubies. Red. Gold. Shine. The Kansas City Chiefs championship ring is here.

It is not yet this year that the champion will wear something discreet to celebrate his triumph. The Chiefs’ 2022-23 title ring was presented on Thursday.

As usual, the object is full of small details. But the most original thing is that the top of the ring can be removed and become a pendant!

Chiefs ring details

For the rest, ESPN gives the details:

  • the team logo is formed by 16 rubies. The figure is a nod to the franchise’s number of divisional titles.
  • 50 diamonds to form the Arrowhead stadium, which is just celebrating its 50th anniversary.
  • three Lombardi trophies
  • 16 baguette-shaped diamonds for the 16 players who scored a touchdown for the Chiefs in the 2022 regular season.
  • the red background contains 19 rubies and 38 diamonds. The Chiefs scored 38 Super Bowl points. 38 + 19 = 57, like the 57th Super Bowl.
  • 54 diamonds on the upper part, like the number of points behind accumulated over the last two victorious playoff campaigns of the franchise.
  • each player’s name in gold on a line of 13 diamonds.

The ring is made by Jostens. Its price has not been disclosed.

The Chiefs threw a big party for the handover of the item to players and team staff on Thursday night.


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