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Breakfast: Sean Payton (Saints) undecided for next season?

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– Buccaneers – Rams (27-30): Tom Brady and the champions eliminated in a crazy match!

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Saints: Sean Payton undecided for the rest?

Sean Payton is on vacation and cannot be reached. Sometimes that’s enough to start the rumor mill. According to Ian Rapoport (NFL Network), the coach has not yet assured his bosses that he will be back for next season with the Saints.

According to those close to him, if he did not return to lead New Orleans in 2022, it would be to take a break of one or two years to find his batteries after a particularly trying campaign.

Payton is under contract for three more seasons, for at least $45 million.

Bruce Arians will be there next season

The Buccaneers coach did not wait to recover from his team’s defeat on Sunday to lift the veil on his future.

” Oh yes ! he replied when a journalist asked him if he would be there for the next campaign.

Arians is 69 years old.


– The Giants announced that they interviewed Lou Anarumo (DC, Bengals).

– The vikings announced that they interviewed Demeco Ryans (DC, 49ers).

– The Steelers asked to meet with Patrick Graham (DC, Giants) for their own defensive coordinator job. (NFLMedia)


Tyrann Mathieu (S, Chiefs) didn’t finish Sunday’s game because of a concussion, which he suffered from an unintentional knee injury from one of his own teammates.

Stefon Diggs, Security Officer

Entering a field where the players are equipped with a helmet and a shoulder pad is not always a good idea. Ask whoever was tackled by Stefon Diggs (WR, Bills) on Sunday.

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