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Football News

Broncos: Zach Allen arrives for 3 years and 45 million.

Denver continues to heal its trenches. After the signings on the offensive line, it is on the other side of the ball that Sean Payton’s team is getting stronger. According to NFL Media, Zach Allen joins Colorado for 3 seasons and 45 million dollars including 30 million guaranteed.

After 4 seasons at the Cardinals, the player therefore follows his former head coach Vance Joseph who has become defensive coordinator for the Broncos. He digitally replaces Dre’Mont Jones who has reached the end of his contract. In constant progress since his draft in 2019, Allen grew up in the shadow of JJ Watt. Author of his best season in 2022, he made 47 tackles including 11 for loss and 5.5 sacks in 13 matches.

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