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The Colts fire their offensive coordinator

The Colts have changed quarterbacks. Now they will also change offensive coordinator.

This Tuesday, the franchise announced the dismissal of Marcus Brady, who had held the position since last season. In the past, this former CFL quarterback had been the quarterbacks coach in 2019 and 2020.

This season, the Colts have scored less than 18 points in five of eight games. They are also often distinguished by game choices largely focused on the pass at the start of the season, with Matt Ryan who threw up to 58 balls against the Jaguars! The picks evened out last Sunday when Sam Ehlinger was thrown in charge, but that didn’t stop his team from losing to the Commanders.

Anyway, Brady was not in charge of play calls. It was Frank Reich who had this responsibility, and who should therefore keep it. Proof that his coordinator acts all the more as a fuse before the coach is in danger.

The name of the new offensive coordinator has not yet been announced.

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