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Vikings – Patriots (33-26): Minnesota is grateful for Justin Jefferson

Minnesota Vikings (9-2) – New England Patriots (6-5): 33-26

Who said that Kirk Cousins ​​(30/37, 299 yards, 3TDs, 1int) was losing his means in prime time? Faced with one of the best defenses in the league, the Vikings quarterback responded after the non-game against the Cowboys. Unlike last Sunday, he was able to count on a rediscovered offensive line, yet opposed to the second best pass rush in the league. If his quarterback shone, Minnesota can greatly thank his number 1 receiver, who will have done everything to put him in the best conditions. Despite constant double coverage, Justin Jefferson (9 receptions, 139 yards, 1TD) signs a new game over 100 yards.

For his part, Mac Jones (28/39, 382 yards, 2TDs) multiplied the quick and low-risk passes, but also knew how to find his receivers in depth in the first three quarters of the match. Little helped by a ground game limited to 45 yards in total, the Patriots quarterback will have especially failed to find the solution in the redzone, limiting his team to field goals, insufficient to win this match.

An air of deja vu

Those who have been following the Vikings since the start of the season will not be surprised by this first half. An impressive first possession followed by a hibernation before an awakening once led, the purples offered us a scenario already seen many times this year. They will even have pushed the parody to the end, with a new extra point missed by Greg Joseph, already the fifth this year.

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For their part, the Patriots were able to count on a precise Mac Jones, with 12 completed passes out of 15 at halftime. Despite a possession time of less than 10 minutes, Belichick’s men often found the solution in a porous local defense. They nevertheless struggled to conclude, ending this first period with a touchdown and 3 field goals. In the end, the two teams return to the locker room with a score of parity, 16-16.

New England weighed down by its special team

A kickoff returned to touchdown, a crucial penalty on an opposing punt, a very short punt in the middle of the fourth quarter, the Patriots special team missed its second half. After being decisive against the Jets last Sunday, New England’s third squad this time cost them the victory.

The third quarter does not decide between the two teams. A big play ended with a touchdown and a long possession that ended in a field goal for both franchises, and the score was 26-26 at the start of the fourth quarter.

Abused since the start of the match, the two defenses took over in the last quarter. Unfortunately for the visitors, an error on the special team will push them once too often into the field. Faced with the Jefferson / Thielen duo, New England cracks one last time, one too many.

Clean as in the first half, Mac Jones no longer finds solutions against a defense that has raised the aggressiveness cursor. Under pressure, the young quarterback was sack twice at crucial moments. Unable to score a single point in the last quarter, New England let the victory slip away in an undecided encounter until the end.

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With this ninth victory Minnesota revives after the slap taken against the Cowboys. For their part, the Patriots, despite a positive record, will have to fight to the end in a hotly contested conference.

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