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Steelers: Mike Tomlin extends for 3 years!

Mike Tomlin remains on the Steelers bench until 2027.

The Steelers announced on Monday on their website the extension of their coach Mike Tomlin for 3 additional seasons.

A no-brainer for their president Art Rooney II.

“Mike Tomlin's leadership and involvement have been paramount to the success of our team during his first 17 years on the bench. Adding three additional years to his contract demonstrates our confidence in his abilities to guide the team to new successes in the play-offs and the Super Bowl while maintaining our culture of success.

Tomlin and the Steelers, a story that lasts

Present on the Pittsburgh bench since 2007, Mike Tomlin is entering his 18th season as coach. This figure demonstrates impressive stability on the Steelers side since he is only the third different coach of the franchise since 1969! He even became the longest serving coach on the same team in the NFL.

And success was not long in coming. Mike Tomlin won the Super Bowl in 2009, just two years after his arrival, with the Steelers' 27-23 victory over the Cardinals in XLIII.

The following ? 7 AFC North titles, 11 Play-off appearances and another appearance in Super Bowl XLV (loss to the Packers). More than 60% wins (173-100-2) and no season with a negative record.

Return to the Play-Offs in 2024?

Mike Tomlin concluded the 2023 financial year with a new positive result and a qualification in the Play-offs for the Steelers. The 52-year-old coach is approaching the new season with the same energy as when he started.

“We continue to work tirelessly to get back to where we are supposed to be. Regular success in the Play-offs with the objective of winning the franchise's seventh Lombardi Trophy. I'm very excited to start the season and give our fans a memorable year. »

With the arrival of Russell Wilson (QB), TJ Watt (LB) (the best defender in the NFL according to Aaron Donald) and a host of interesting players on both sides of the field, Mike Tomlin will in any case have many weapons at his disposal to to be the talk of Pittsburgh this season.

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