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Eagles – Jaguars (29-21): Trevor Lawrence martyred, Miles Sanders released

Philadelphia Eagles (4-0) – Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2): 29-21

While Jacksonville had lost only one ball this season, Trevor Lawrence (11/23, 174 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 4 fumbles lost) lost five in the pouring rain, far too many to hope to win. despite 14 points ahead after a quarter. Doug Pederson did not have his revenge, seeming to be tactically dominated by Nick Sirianni.

On the side of the Eagles, the offensive hero is called Miles Sanders (156 yards, 2 TD). A little behind the aerial stars at the start of the season, he produced a huge performance, relieving his team who did not have to take any risks in the rain. Especially since Philadelphia has suffered a cascade of injuries, including Darius Slay and Jordan Mailata.

The defense can also get the kudos, Haason Reddick (2 sacks, 2 fumbles provoked, 1 fumble covered) in the first place. For the second week in a row, the former Panther asserted his star status for the Philly defense.

With this victory Philadelphia is still undefeated and at the top of the NFC? While the Jaguars proved despite the defeat that they are indeed a good team. The title in AFC South is far from impossible to imagine.

A half-time with two faces

A half consists of two quarters. These follow each other, but do not always look alike. The first is a demonstration of Doug Pederson’s men, from both sides of the field. The defense shines first with a pick six from Andre Cisco after a boxed ball, before Trevor Lawrence finds Jamal Agnew in the in-goal (0-14). Confidence is maximum in Jacksonville, who thinks they have the game in hand.

But the second quarter belongs to the Eagles in 2022, averaging more than 20 points. And it will be confirmed again, with an opportunistic defense taking advantage of two fumbles from Trevor Lawrence. The Philadelphia attack then applies a simple game plan: passes for AJ Brown, screens for Dallas Goedert and a LOT of ground play. The result is final, with three touchdowns by Jalen Hurts, Miles Sanders and Kenneth Gainwell (20-14). The Eagles are ahead, and the confidence has changed sides.

Miles Sanders superstar, Trevor Lawrence spoils too much

The second half will see two teams clash on different dynamics. Jacksonville advances, and can quickly come back, but Trevor Lawrence will multiply the errors. First with an interception in the red zone by James Bradberry, then with a fumble provoked (and covered) by Haason Reddick. The weather does not help, but Trevor Lawrence can blame himself, since he will have lost 5 balls in this match.

Philadelphia, on the other hand, uses the simple game plan: ground, ground and more ground. Miles Sanders beams, and easily navigates the Jacksonville defense. Jalen Hurts does the minimum not to take risks, and the points accumulate, with a field goal and a touchdown from Sanders (29-14).

Jamal Agnew saves the honor with a brace, but Trevor Lawrence loses a fifth ball to seal the match. Philadelphia adopted the best game plan in the rain, combining ground game and big defense, and limited the loss of balls, enough to win and remain the only undefeated team in the NFL.

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