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Giants – Ravens (24-20): six minutes in hell for Lamar Jackson

New York Giants (5-1) – Baltimore Ravens (3-3): 24-20

These Giants never stop surprising us. After winning four of their first five games against all odds, Saquon Barkley and his teammates snatched yet another win from Lamar Jackson on Sunday, once again proving their resilience. The Giants forced two turnovers while scoring two touchdowns in the money time to finally win when they were trailing 20-10…

Kenyan Drake in his garden

Signed by the Ravens during the offseason, Kenyan Drake (10 runs, 119 YDS, 1 TD) has struggled to weigh since the start of the season, between discreet performances and physical glitches. Yet it is he who plays the role of blaster for the attack of Baltimore in the first half. The lining of JK Dobbins, who continues to gradually return to him after a white season, released two 30-yard runs in the second quarter alone. The first ends with a touchdown, the second allows the Ravens to score a field goal after also a nice reception from the untenable tight end Mark Andrews (7 REC, 106 YDS, 1 TD).

On the other side of the ball, the Giants realize only one drive really convincing, but this last one arrives at the end. And once is not custom, it is not the running game of New York which advances the attack but the aerial game. Following a big kickoff return, quarterback Daniel Jones (19/27 passing, 173 YDS, 2 TDs) was inspired and found Darius Slayton, Matt Breida and then Wan’Dale Robinson for big wins. And it is the latter, the rookie who has missed his team’s last four games with a knee injury, who finds the end zone. The two teams join the locker room with a score of 10-7 for Baltimore.

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Mark Andrews untenable

The second half begins with a scenario similar to the first. Kenyan Drake is still so much on the legs, while the Lamar Jackson – Mark Andrews connection still hurts the Giants. The Ravens, however, fail to conclude and it is kicker Justin Tucker who adds three points to the counter with his second field goal in three attempts (yes, you read that right, he missed a first half).

To hope to keep pace, the Giants must impose their running game. And that’s good, Saquon Barkley (22 races, 83 YDS, 1 TD) wakes up in the third quarter. Insufficient however to find the end zone since the Ravens manage to sacking Daniel Jones at the right time. New York had to settle for a field goal and reduced the score to 13-10.

From the next drive, Lamar Jackson (17/32, 210 YDS, 1 TD, 1 INT, 77 YDS on the run, 1 fumble lost) breaks his ankles while Kenyan Drake continues his work. The Ravens wear down the opposing defense, before this devil of Mark Andrews once again proves decisive with his fifth touchdown of the season, a touchdown hotly contested – rightly – by New York coach Brian Daboll for a delay of game.

A Giants comeback!

Daboll’s frustration will nevertheless give way to hope. Led 20-10 with 13 minutes to play, the Giants unleash a big collective effort to give themselves an opportunity to come back. Like last week in London, Daniel Jones is making the right choices at the right times. 18 yards for Marcus Johnson, 17 for Robinson, then touchdown for Daniel Bellinger.

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Behind, it is the defense which is decisive. On a poorly negotiated snap, Lamar Jackson forces a pass that ends in interception, the very first of the season for the Giants! Two games later and after a penalty canceling an interception from Marcus Peters, Saquon Barkley delivers his team with a touchdown. 24-20 New York.

With one last opportunity to try and turn things around, the Ravens won’t last long. After his interception, Lamar Jackson is sacked by Kayvon Thibodeaux and releases the ball. Fumble, ball recovered by New York, secure victory on a final race from Barkley. Incredible but true, the Giants are 5-1!

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