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Ravens – Bills (20-23): Josh Allen snatches victory over Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens (2-2) – Buffalo Bills (3-1): 20-23

There is no point in running, you have to start on time.

Trailing or tied with the Ravens for 59 minutes and 59 seconds, the Bills pulled off the perfect heist to eventually win 23-20 and rebound from their frustrating loss to Miami. Josh Allen, struggling early in the game, pulled out the big game at the right time (19/36 passing, 213 YDS, 1 TD, 1 INT, 1 rushing TD and 70 YDS), while Lamar Jackson is fell from his cloud (20/29, 144 YDS, 1 TD, 2 INT, 73 YDS rushing) in the second half.

Here comes JK Dobbins again

Absent all last season and in the first two games this year, Ravens running back JK Dobbins (41 YDS rushing, 1 TD, 22 YDS receiving, 1 TD) chooses this clash against the Bills to officially announce his return to Baltimore audiences. It was he who found the end zone for the first time to put the Ravens on the right track after an interception by Josh Allen in the third game of the game. And on the next drive, after a Bills field goal, it was Dobbins again who distinguished himself with a running touchdown that concluded a long drive of 15 games and 81 yards. Welcome back!

On the other side of the ball, the Bills are in big trouble. Besides Allen’s initial interception, the drops pile up and running back Devin Singletary (49 YDS rushing, 47 YDS receiving, 1 fumble lost) also releases a fly ball in rainy Baltimore weather. This offers three additional points to the Ravens, who then follow up with a second field goal following an action straight out of a video game (20-3).

We actually have to wait until the last two halves of the first half to finally see the Bills’ offense find its rhythm. Stefon Diggs (4 REC, 62 YDS) comes out of the box, Gabe Davis and Singletary help drive the ball forward, and Josh Allen eventually finds Isaiah McKenzie for Buffalo’s first touchdown (20-10). The debates are suddenly revived.

Josh Allen clutch, Lamar Jackson sinks

In the third quarter, Josh Allen shows a radically different face from the first half. While the Ravens attack remained in the locker room, the Buffalo quarterback is on a mission: with his arm as with his legs, Allen allows the Bills to return to Baltimore by first guiding the Bills towards a field goal, before finding the promised land himself (20-20).

The reaction of Lamar Jackson, we are necessarily waiting for it. But the Ravens phenomenon will fall on an executioner named Jordan Poyer. The Buffalo All-Pro safety intercepted Jackson for the first time on a deflected pass, before returning the cover to end a 14-game drive on a fourth down in the end zone. Enough to regret John Harbaugh’s decision to play the touchdown when a field goal reached out to the Ravens to regain the advantage.

With just four minutes left in the game, the opportunity is ripe for the Bills to pull off the perfect heist. Opportunity they will not pass up. Josh Allen pulls out all the stops by finding his receiver Dawson Knox for 20 yards, Devin Singletary is precious, a nice penalty also helps the visitors and Buffalo takes good care to run out the time to the end to leave no chance to Baltimore behind. And at the last second, the kicker Tyler Bass offers the victory to his team by passing the ball through the posts (23-20). Valuable success for Buffalo, infuriating defeat for Baltimore.

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