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Raiders: Josh McDaniels is fired!

The first NFL coach fired for the 2023 season is Josh McDaniels.

The Raiders announced in a press release that the 47-year-old coach has been relieved of his duties as head coach. He is accompanied outside by general manager David Ziegler.

“After thinking about what the Raiders need to move forward, I decided to thank Josh and Dave,” said team owner Mark Davis. “I want to thank them both for their hard work and wish them and their families the best.”

According to ESPN, Antonio Pierce, the linebackers coach, should be named interim head coach.

The Las Vegas franchise has already announced that Champ Kelly has been named interim general manager. Kelly was in his second year as assistant general manager. The press release specifies that a complete recruitment process for a new manager will be launched during the offseason, which does not exclude that Kelly has a chance of keeping the job.

Josh McDaniels faster than in Denver

Josh McDaniels’ first coaching experience ended with a record of 11 wins and 17 losses in Denver in 2009 and 2010. His time with the Raiders lasted even shorter, with 9 wins and 17 losses. But as in Colorado, the adventure will have been marked by the departure of the quarterback in place (Jay Culter in Denver, Derek Carr in Las Vegas) and a falling out with the star receiver of the workforce (Brandon Marshall/Davante Adams).

The black and silver were coming off a surprise playoff qualification when McDaniels took control of the team. They are now 3 wins for 5 losses with the 31st offense in the league in terms of yards gained, even though the former Patriots offensive coordinator was recruited for his offensive expertise.

McDaniels’ success is that he signed for six seasons with Las Vegas, who will be forced to pay him for the remaining four years!

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