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Eagles – Saints (10-20): Marshon Lattimore and the defense crucify Philadelphia

Philadelphia Eagles (13-3) – New Orleans Saints (7-9): 10-20

Deprived of Jalen Hurts, Lane Johnson and CJ Gardner-Johnson, the Eagles were nevertheless favorites against the Saints. But it was New Orleans who had control in the first half, and who knew how to prevent Philadelphia’s comeback with a defensive touchdown from Marshon Lattimore late in the game.

xThe Saints’ defense is THE star of this game, as they limited the Eagles’ offense to almost nothing except for a long-range touchdown from AJ Brown (97 yards, 1 TD). Gardner Minshew (18/32, 274 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT) had a disastrous game, not helped by an unimaginative Nick Sirianni.

The Eagles defense kept hope alive with a dominating performance down the line and 7 sacks, but it wasn’t enough against a valiant Saints. Andy Dalton (18/22, 204 yards, 1 INT) and Taysom Hill (46 yards on the ground, 1 TD) made the match they needed on offense, and Cameron Jordan carried the defense with 3 sacks.

The Saints in demonstration

In the first half, there was only one team on the field: the New Orleans Saints. In attack as in defense, the men of Dennis Allen are more aggressive and realistic, led by Andy Dalton of the big nights.

During a first drive of 9 minutes, Dalton and his friend Taysom Hill convert the third attempts for finally a conclusion on the ground of the latter (0-7). Alvin Kamara (81 yards) and Rashid Shaheed (79 yards) also bring the stone to the building, and New Orleans combines the field goal (0-13) at the break.

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Gardner Minshew is lost and the line suffers without Lane Johnson. It’s a half to forget for a side sorely lacking Jalen Hurts.

A sluggish awakening from the Eagles, then a flash

The second act is the reverse of the first, even if the Eagles struggle to concretize the dominance of the defense. It is finally AJ Brown who unlocks the situation with a reception of 78 yards for the touchdown. In one action, Philadelphia is in contact (10-13).

The Eagles defense is also back, despite the injury to Josh Sweat. Brandon Graham takes advantage of this game to become the fourth Eagles with 10 or more sacks, an NFL record. This match is really a kind of giant communicating vase: neither team plays at the same time.

New Orleans at the finish

It is finally Marshon Lattimore, the formidable cornerback of the Saints, who will conclude this match with a pick six, a defensive touchdown while his attack did not succeed in the second act (10-20).

Failure and match and logical victory for the Saints.

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