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Tom Brady reportedly calls Buccaneers to say he hasn’t made a decision yet

Not so fast? According to the Tampa Bay Times and journalist Michael Silver, Tom Brady is not yet retired.

Our colleagues confirm that Tom Brady would have called Jason Licht, the general manager of the Buccaneers, to inform him that he had not yet made a decision on what he intends to do in 2022. A call which would therefore have followed ESPN’s announcement of Brady’s retirement.

The mystery deepens.

At a time when the race for the scoop (and the click) leads NFL journalists to ever faster announcements, did Adam Schefter (ESPN) sign an anthology false start by sending the quarterback to the 7 rings at retirement ?

The ESPN article is still online. He specifies that Brady probably knew when he faced the Rams that he was playing his last playoffs, and that he would be preparing his announcement.

Among the factors that would have caused Brady to withdraw, his family and his health would be the most important. It remains to be confirmed by an official announcement.

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