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LIVE – Draft 2024: the 6th round analyzed choice by choice

The penultimate round of the 2024 NFL Draft, the 6th round, is underway. From now on, we are filling up the numbers in the hope of finding good shots.

Follow the pick-by-pick analysis of the 6th round of the 2024 NFL Draft live

177. Minnesota Vikings – Walter Rouse (OT, Oklahoma)

The Vikings strengthen their offensive line with Walter Rouse, capable of being versatile and mobile.

178. Pittsburgh Steelers – Logan Lee (DT, Iowa)

The Steelers provide rotation on the defensive line with Logan Lee, a nose tackle player.

179. Seattle Seahawks – Sataoa Laumea (OL, Utah)

Coming from Utah, Sataoa Laumea will strengthen the Seahawks offensive line which needs depth.

180. New England Patriots – Marcellas Dial (CB, South Carolina)

First defensive selection for the Patriots in this Draft with Marcellas Dial who will bring his added value in special teams during his first years.

181. Los Angeles Chargers – Kimani Vidal (RB, Troy)

Very productive in Troy, Kimani Vidal will have to beat fierce competition at the Chargers to become an important runner in Jim Harbaugh's squad.

182. Tennessee Titans – Jha'Quan Jackson (WR, Tulane)

After signing Calvin Ridley at a high price, the Titans are going for a 6th round at the receiver position. Jha'Qyuan Jackson is not the most productive of receivers, but has a chance to have a spot as a receiver in the slot.

183. New York Giants – Darius Muasau (LB, UCLA)

Versatile, Darius Muasau will join the rotation at the linebacker position for the Giants. Her profile may be similar to Sione Takitaki.

184. Miami Dolphins – Malik Washington (WR, Virginia)

Pure receiver in the slot, Malik Washington will be a complementary target to the current squad of receivers for Tua Tagovailoa.

185. Philadelphia Eagles (via New York Jets) – Johnny Wilson (WR, Florida State)

Expected above, Johnny Wilson is having an irregular season, but could seek a place in the Eagles' rotation at the receiver position.

186. Atlanta Falcons (via Arizona Cardinals) – Jase McClellan (RB, Alabama)

Behind Bijan Robinson and Tyler Allgeier, Jase McClellan has the ability to find a place in the Falcons running rotation.

187. Atlanta Falcons – Casey Washington Jr. (WR, Illinois)

He showed up in his last college game. That was enough for the Falcons to select him. Possessing good hands, Casey Washington Jr. should contribute on special teams initially.

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