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Players of the Week 11: Firsts for Tony Pollard and Aidan Hutchinson

Obviously Travis Kelce. Another distinguished Lions rookie.

Distinguished returners and firsts. The NFL Week 11 Players are out.

NFC firsts for Cowboys running back Tony Pollard and Lions pass rusher Aidan Hutchinson. The Cowboys player scored 2 touchdowns in his team’s impressive victory over the Vikings. After Kerby Joseph, winner of the defensive player of the week 9 trophy, it is Aidan Hutchinson who is rewarded this week. Author of his 2nd interception of the season, the former number 2 of the 2022 Draft is gaining momentum.

After already being Offensive Player of the Week in Week 3, Cordarrelle Patterson earns another accolade this week as Special Teams Player of the Week. His touchdown on return of commitment allowed to restart the game of the Falcons.

In AFC, Chiefs tight-end Travis Kelce is awarded Offensive Player of the Week after his hat-trick against the Chargers, including the game-winning touchdown. Bills linebacker Matt Milano blacked out the stats sheet against the Browns and is awarded Defensive Player of the Week.

Finally, after his victorious touchdown on a punt return against the Jets, Patriots rookie Marcus Jones receives the award for special teams player of the week. In addition, it is the first touchdown of the season on a punt return. He joins kicker Nick Folk, winner of this trophy in week 8.

NFC Conference:

– Offensive: Tony Pollard (RB, Cowboys), 189 yards (109 receiving, 89 rushing), 2 touchdowns.

– Defensive: Aidan Hutchinson (EDGE, Lions), 1 interception, 1 covered fumble.

– Special teams: Cordarelle Patterson (RB, Falcons), touchdown from 103 yards.

AFC Conference:

– Offensive: Travis Kelce (TE, Chiefs), 6 receptions, 115 yards, 3 touchdowns.

– Defensive: Matt Milano (LB, Bills), 12 tackles (including 3 for loss), 1 sack, 1 covered fumble.

– Special teams: Marcus Jones (CB, Patriots), touchdown on a punt return from 84 yards.

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