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Kevin Byard commits to the Bears for 2 seasons

Freshly released by the Eagles, Kevin Byard will not have to wait long before bouncing back. According to NFL Media, the safety is signing with the Bears for a period of 2 years. The contract amount would be worth $15 million.

After 7 and a half seasons with the Titans, Byard joined the Eagles during the season to try to win a title. Cut at the start of the week, the 30-year-old was free to sign with a new team before the official start of free agency.

A two-time All Pro, Byard has established himself as a powerhouse at his position over the past few years. In Chicago he joined a team under construction but with promising prospects. He will digitally replace Eddie Jackson who was recently dismissed by Chicago. In 130 career games, he made 748 tackles including 4 sacks, made 28 interceptions including one returned for a touchdown.

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