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[Preview] Week 5 (Thursday): Last dance for Matt Eberflus?

Kick-off on the night of Thursday to Friday at 2:15 a.m.
Washington Commanders (2-2) – Chicago Bears (0-5)

In recent weeks, the signals have not been good (not to say catastrophic) for Matt Eberflus. Chicago is not progressing. Justin Fields is still inconsistent and the defense is in clear decline.

As a result, the Bears head coach seems to be in the hot seat. Each negative outcome pushes the franchise a little deeper into crisis and pushes its coach towards the exit.

Bad luck for him, his team approaches a new match in prime-time. It’s certainly only Thursday Night Football, but we know that there are always more eyes for this type of meeting. Nothing is official, but a new debacle in mondovision could spell the end of his time in Illinois.

DJ Moore as X Factor

His Bears therefore no longer have a choice, they must win in the federal capital. The good news is that during the last match, the attack woke up.

After a slow start to the season, the offensive squad exploded. Justin Fields even exceeded 300 yards for the first time in his career. Chicago will be able to rely on this great performance to continue the progression of its pitcher.

In the same vein, we finally saw DJ Moore at work with the Bears jersey. The one who was recovered from Carolina by sending the 1st choice of the draft proved his value. Against the Broncos, he accumulated 9 receptions, for 131 yards and 1 touchdown. An explosion for him when we know that during the first three matches his counters only showed 11 receptions and 170 total yards.

With this true receiver number 1, Justin Fields will be able to rely on a constant player, capable of making offensive differences. Suffice to say, a profile that Chicago has not had for a while in this sector.

Facing him, Moore will perhaps have rookie cornerback Emmanuel Forbes. The first-year defender, chosen in the first round of the last draft, is currently in great difficulty. Since the start of the season, he has been targeted at 25 timesFor 18 receptions and 356 yards allowed. Like last week where AJ Brown had fun against the former Mississippi State player with 9 receptions, 175 yards and 2 TDs. DJ Moore and Justin Fields may have already identified this team’s defensive weakness.

Washington advantage in the trenches

This defense is not necessarily bad. Chicago’s big challenge is going to be on the lines. The Commanders’ defensive line is one of the best in the league. With 13 cumulative sacks since the start of the season (7th in NFL)Washington is still just as dangerous in this area.

Since the week 1, only the Bills managed to contain the wave of pass-rush from Ron Rivera’s men. For the rest, Montez Sweat (3 sacks)Jonathan Allen (2)Chase Young (2.5) or Daron Payne continue to have fun.

For Matt Eberflus and his attack, this armada is more than worrying when we know that Justin Fields has already conceded 17 sacks this season (3rd highest total in the league). The offensive line will have a key role.

If Fields is often tackled before he can even throw, this is even more the case for Sam Howell. The thrower from the federal capital is the most harassed quarterback in the league (24 sacks). Chicago will have to take advantage of this.

The pass-rush is clearly not the strength of this team. Since the start of the season, the Bears have only accumulated 2 bags. In this duel “weakness against weakness”, it will be interesting to see who emerges victorious. For now, Washington has the advantage in the trenches. And when we know the importance of this sector in an NFL match, we understand that Matt Eberflus could be worried.

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