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Giants – Lions (18-31): Jamaal Williams sees triple and marches on New York

New York Giants (7-3) – Detroit Lions (4-6): 18-31

Let the most worried and the most skeptical rest assured: Daniel Jones is still Daniel Jones. While he had been able to rise to the occasion since the start of the season to allow the Giants to win many games, the quarterback completely missed his meeting (27/44, 341 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT , 1 hands-on on the ground). This time, Brian Daboll’s coaching was not enough to hide the weaknesses of the New York workforce, against a Lions team that won the old way.

The key word of this meeting for Detroit was to pound on the ground, and it worked perfectly. 160 yards and 4 touchdowns, including 3 for Jamaal Williams alone, who finds himself thanks to this performance leading the league in the number of touchdowns scored, with 12. Jared Goff (17/26, 165 yards) did what he had to do, in a use that suits him. He wasn’t exposed, didn’t take many risks and relied on what he does best, quietly pushing his team forward.

The game started on a senator train, with a 3 and out for the Giants, followed by a field goal for the Lions. New York takes control at the end of the first quarter, thanks to a long drive smoothly led by Daniel Jones, which he concludes himself with a run of 3 yards. This is the only positive point of the meeting of the QB of the Giants because, after exchanges of punts, he launches in his half of the field a disastrous pass in the hands of Aidan Hutchinson, the defensive end of the Lions, which allows the Lions to recover the ball in a good position, and quickly register a touchdown from Williams, who will register another at the end of the half.

Nothing works for New York

Detroit begins the second act drum beating, with a new touchdown, the third of Williams. The Giants’ response? Another catastrophic pass from Daniel Jones on the 4th attempt, this time intercepted by Kerby Joseph. New York will manage to get back into the game, before another blow of fate. This time, Jones’ pass landed in the hands of Isaiah Hodgins, but the latter lost control of the ball on a tackle from Will Harris, which was once again recovered by rookie Aidan Hutchinson. The end of the match is anecdotal, with a touchdown from D’Andre Swift against one from Richie James on a pass from Jones, to save the honor.

The Giants, yet so attractive since the start of the season, went completely through the game. The fault, of course, with a Daniel Jones next door, but not only. If Jones has thrown the ball a lot (44 passes), too surely, it is also that he could not count on Saquon Barkler (15 races, 22 yards) on the ground. In addition, if this does not excuse his performance, the weakness of his receiving body was felt more than ever. Finally, the defense is obviously not beyond reproach, as their inability to stop Detroit’s ground game, or to put pressure on Jared Goff (0 sack) was detrimental to the team. If this defeat is a blow, it is not a setback, the playoffs are still well within reach of New York.

For their part, the Lions had a solid game. If he has often, logically, been criticized since the start of the season, the coaching performance of Dan Campbell is today to be highlighted. He cleverly led his team to victory, building on what worked while rotating his committee of riders well. An encouraging victory for Detroit, which could garner other victories this season by playing well.

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