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France Élite: the Leopards and Dauphins snatch the playoffs!

There are only six left! And there was suspense to determine the qualifiers for the Elite championship playoffs.

On the Asnières side, the Molosses had qualification at the end of the match. But their final field goal is blocked. The defeat against the Black Panthers of Thonon therefore condemns them to watching the playoffs from home.

Rouen will go in their place. Again, it required a pretty crazy scenario. The Leopards went to win at La Courneuve. The Normans first took off with two touchdowns, before seeing the Flash rush towards them and even pass in front. But the Leopards didn't give up and won thanks to a final pass into the end zone.

In the Southern Conference, it is the Nice Dauphins who act as miracles. They too had to beat a favorite to continue. Thanks to a strong second part of the match, the Niçois won 23-7.

Above all, the Dauphins also needed a defeat of the Iron Mask of Cannes at the Ours of Toulouse to advance. And they received this helping hand, with a 28-19 success from Toulouse.

The playoff table

Wild Cards (June 8/9)

  • Thonon Black Panthers vs Nice Dauphins
  • Catalan Grizzlys vs Rouen Leopards

Semi-finals (June 15/16)

  • Flash vs. winner of Grizzlies – Leopards
  • Blue Stars vs winner of Black Panthers – Dolphins

Final – 28th Diamond Helmet (June 29)

The ticket office for the final is open. If you want to go to Perpignan to see it, meet here.

Photo Maxime Le Pihif via FFFA

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