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Lions – Bills (25-28): In pain, Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs provide the essentials

Detroit Lions (8-3) – Buffalo Bills (4-7): 25-28

Back to back with 23 seconds left, the Bills had a short window to go for the win. A window that the duo Josh Allen – Stefon Diggs has enhanced to put Tyler Bass in the position of the kick of the winner. A 49-yard kick succeeded by the kicker from Buffalo, who got his team out of a very bad situation as the Bills rowed to overcome the brave Lions.

Not on a great day, and may still be bothered by his elbow, Josh Allen (24/42, 243 yards, 2 TD, 1 Int, 78 yards and 1 TD on the ground) still managed to get the essentials out at the right moment. Especially on the ground, where the quarterback still performed by being the best runner on his team. On the other side of the ball, quickly deprived of Von Miller out on injury, Buffalo’s defense had all the trouble in the world to hinder Jared Goff (23/37, 240, 2 TD) except for the too lonely Ed Oliver.

Brave Lions

After an inaugural exchange of punts, the two attacks displayed an effective and productive game. The Lions strike first through the essential Jamaal Williams. The runner scored his 13th touchdown of the season.

The Bills waste no time in responding, Allen finds Isaiah McKenzie in the end zone. And after quickly stealing the leather from the hands of the Lions, the quarterback improves this turnover by concluding himself on the ground. But while one might think that the Bills with the game in hand was going to unfold, Dan Campbell’s men continue to prove how much they have heart and play without complex. A clean and diligent Jared Goff connects with Amon-Ra St. Brown to perfectly wrap up a long drive and get back up high.

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Josh Allen rows but pulls through

Despite a well-conducted first act, the Bills quarterback confirms her momentary slack when she returns from the locker room. An interception thrown into the arms of Alex Anzalone, who nevertheless ended up earning 2 additional points for his team thanks to Ed Oliver’s sack in the end zone. Less precise throws, less relevant choices and an aggressive Detroit defense considerably slow down the visitors’ advance. A boon that allows the Lions to take control at the start of the 4th quarter thanks to DJ Chark well found in the in-goal by Goff. D’Andre Swift even adds 2 more points on the conversion. 22-19

Back to the wall, Allen relies on two certainties, his ability to gain yards with his legs and his connection with Stefon Diggs. 4 receptions and a touchdown allow the Bills to regain control with less than 3 minutes on the clock. The Lions’ late equalizer left Allen with just a handful of seconds to go for the win. Mission accomplished for Bills who get out of it in difficulty and put an end to the series of three victories of Lions who confirm their progress despite everything.

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