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[Draft Sheets] Treylon Burks (WR), boar charge

Treylon Burks – Receiver – 21 – Junior – Arkansas

Cut : 1m89

Weight : 102 kg

Estimated draft position: 1st round

Stats 2021: 12 games, 1104 yards and 11 touchdowns after receptions, 112 yards and 1 rushing touchdown

NFL Comparison: Larry Fitzgerald (ex-Cardinals)

Strong points

  • Strong
  • Fast for its size
  • Versatile

strong player, Treylon Burks knows how to use his advantageous physique to impose himself. It is therefore very valuable for 50/50, these so important “contested catches”. Very well built, he also gains many yards after receptions because it is difficult to put him down. Physical, this sport is physical and Treylon Burks has an advantageous one. It helps him to win duels and also to stay healthy: 2 missed games in 3 seasons.

More surprisingly for a player of his stature, he is not lacking in speed and he can go deep in sequence. Fast for his size and difficult to stop, Treylon Burks posted an impressive average of 16.9 yards per reception (65 rec) in 2021 and it was nothing new: 16.2 yards in 2020 (50 rec) and 16 .4 yards in 2019 (29 rec). Speed ​​confirmed during the NFL Combine with his time of 4.55 seconds over 40 yards: relatively far from the best times but a good performance for his size. Time on the 40 yards or match speed? In Week 3 of College Football 2021, he was clocked at 35 mph with the ball in hand. If we had to define his speed then, Treylon Burks is more “burst” than “speed”: ability to accelerate and maintain enough speed than natural top speed.

With Arkansas, he’s been used in a variety of ways, both on and off the field. Occasionally, he also showed his ability, during feinted plays, to wear the leather and to overrun the defenses while running. So here is a complete receiver, who can punish a defense in many ways. This versatility makes some compare him to Deebo Samuel. In this “copycat league”, inevitably, the Swiss army knife of San Francisco attracts attempts at imitation. The two players have different sizes and Deebo Samuel seems to have more natural speed but, indeed, an offensive coordinator can hope with Treylon Burks to obtain a kind of quality counterfeit.

“I can play outside and inside the pitch. I can also carry the ball. It sets me apart from others. “, he told Yahoo Sports before the NFL Combine

Weak points

  • Enrich your path tree
  • Discipline your game
  • Play outside

In the NFL, Treylon Burks will face bigger and faster defenders than in the NCAA. To continue to make differences, he will have to improve his lines: be more precise and also more lively in his changes of direction. Although interference is much more whistled against defenders, Treylon Burks sometimes tends to push his opponent to make room: watch out for flags in the NFL. This receiver has huge hands: the Nike brand offers a maximum size of 3XL for its football gloves. Treylon Burks needs 4XL! If he released 12 balloons in 3 seasons, his concentration errors remain anecdotal (12 for 144 receptions), but be careful all the same.

With his size and his speed, Treylon Burks is the prototype of the “Receiver X”, the one aligned on one side and generally the number 1 of the attack. However in Arkansas, if he was the first option, he was mainly aligned in the slot (77% of the time). It’s valuable, but when a franchise invests a 1st round pick on a receiver, it especially hopes to find an outside player. However, one player with his physical profile has had a superb career inside the field: Larry Fitzgerald. Same stature, we wish him the same career.

The stat: 9.2 yards after receptions

Because he is strong and therefore difficult to stop but also because he has more speed than his physique suggests, Treylon Burks is very effective in an important category: that of yards gained after receptions. His 9.2 average puts him in the NCAA top 15 and, given that he played in the top conference, this performance is significant. Its mix of power and speed is difficult to defend. Above all, his ability to run at the right angle after receiving the ball.

Possible destinations

Washington Commanders, Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints, Arizona Cardinals, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers

Treylon Burks, with his physique, would be a perfect complement to Terry McLaurin in the capital. More so, after the arrival of Carson Wentz, a quarterback who can be effective when he can launch on a player of this type in the intermediate zones. The Eagles have a young quarterback and Jalen Hurts could benefit from having a second high-level receiver, after the selection of DeVonta Smith in 2021. Carried by the young Mac Jones, the Patriots must provide him with a number one option. Orphan of Davante Adams, the Packers now have two picks in the 1st round and one of them could be used on a target for Aaron Rodgers. It seems unlikely that Treylon Burks will not be selected in the 1st round, but the vintage offers a lot of quality so he could slip more towards the end of it. Or not ? First receiver chosen? It’s possible.

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