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EA Sports: A first teaser for College Football 2025

EA Sports will reveal the entire video game in May 2024

Two years after announcing the return of NCAA Football, EA Sports unveiled a first teaser for its video game dedicated to college football. It will not bear the name of the championship since the NCAA terminated its licensing contract with EA Sports in 2013, the year of the last opus.

This Thursday in a post on X (formerly Twitter), the editor accompanied the video with a message announcing the next deadlines.

“Yes, it’s really happening! Released this summer. All the revelations in May. »

The video shot at Rose Bowl Stadium, the legendary university football stadium, does not reveal any final image of the video game, only a few sketches. Only the video game logo has been revealed. We will have to wait another three months for the entire game to be revealed by EA Sports.

The last part of the franchise had sold nearly a million and a half copies, according to figures collected by ESPN.

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