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Calvin Ridley arrives in Jacksonville

The Jaguars are planning their future. Jacksonville has set up a trade to recover Calvin Ridley from the Atlanta side. The receiver, suspended this season for betting on NFL games including those of his own team, arrives in Florida but will not play until 2023.

To reclaim the All-Pro receiver in 2020, the Jaguars staged a complex trade. At most, the Falcons could receive a 5th round 2023 and a 2nd round 2024. The first of the two choices will depend on the date of the reinstatement of Ridley, and will therefore be according to this date a 5th or a 6th round. For the second, it will depend on his use in Jacksonville: if he makes the team in 2024, the Falcons will receive at least a 4th round. Depending on his playing time, it could be a 3rd round. Finally, if the Jaguars sign him to a long-term contract, the Falcons will then receive a 2nd round pick.

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