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[Draft] Tight-Ends: the Brock Bowers phenomenon

The Tight-Ends crop for the 2024 draft offers exceptional talent: Brock Bowers is arousing desire. His impact from his rookie season in the NFL could be comparable to that of Sam LaPorta (Detroit Lions).

Behind him, the vintage offers diverse and varied profiles with good blockers or players specializing in receptions. Victor Roullier and Jean-Michel Bougeard tell you about eight Tight-Ends in this podcast.

Players mentioned: Brock Bowers (Georgia), Ja'Tavion Sanders (Texas), Cade Stover (Ohio State), Jaheim Bell (Florida State), Brevyn Spann-Ford (Minnesota), Theo Johnson (Penn State), Jared Wiley (TCU ) and Ben Sinnott (Kansas State).

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