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[Draft Sheets] Graham Barton (OL): Pancake distributor

Graham Barton – Guard/Center – 21 years old – Senior – Duke

Height: 1m96
Weight: 139 kg
2023 stats: 9 games, 496 snaps, 2 sacks conceded
Estimated draft position: 2nd round
NFL Comparison: Jamaree Salyer

Graham Barton is a physical phenomenon that many NFL teams love at the tackle position. Tackle? Not quite. Despite solid experience in this position at the university level, the former Duke player will play guard or center in the NFL.

The reasons for this repositioning at the professional level are numerous. Despite everything, this does not make him a less qualitative prospect, quite the contrary.

Strong points

  • Mover
  • Block for running
  • Versatility

When the defenders face Graham Barton in the battle of the trenches, they will face a strange man. His hands are so violent that the defender could abandon the battle before it begins. His determination, his versatility, and his winning mentality make him a hard-working prospect, already possessing the fundamentals before arriving in the professional world.

The ground game has no secrets for him. Going up to the second level is a concept that he masters to perfection. His footwork is excellent for his physique and it allows him to block attack fighters very easily. Sometimes even if it means “humiliating” them with power and quality finishing in the hands.

Weak points

  • Balance
  • Reactivity
  • Hands in pass protection

The left tackle position he occupied during his university period made it possible to identify the many defects in pass protection. Graham Barton can sometimes use his power disproportionately. The result is that without power, the block can be ineffective. He can therefore sometimes find himself on his knees facing a defender who is much more agile than him.

Still in this area, the placement of his hands linked to his wingspan is sometimes messy. He may therefore find himself guilty of potential penalties. On guard, this will be seen less. In tackling, this was seen at the university level. It would be better for him to focus on a career at a position on the interior of the offensive line. Putting him in tackle isn't going to do him any favors.

Possible destinations

Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions.

An NFL team with a dominant ground game could exploit Graham Barton's qualities. Even if he showed interesting things on passing plays, he will have to be helped by an experienced tackle so as not to take pressure.

Miami will probably lose Robert Hunt and/or Connor Williams. Even if both players remain, having Graham Barton in the middle of the line would not work, quite the contrary. Much more adept at the passing game, the Seahawks, Rams and Packers could have significant ground production with the arrival of the former Duke player.

The Lions could lose Glasgow and Vatai. But a replacement of Barton's quality could raise the quality of one of the league's best attacks in 2023. Jahmyr Gibbs will be happy to have such a powerful player to give him space to squeeze through .

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