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Chandler Jones arrested

Chandler Jones’ descent into hell continues… The player was arrested by the police in Nevada.

Chandler Jones’ descent into hell seems to continue…

A few days after being “forcibly hospitalized,” Jones was this time arrested. It is the American media TMZ which reports the information this Friday. Jones was arrested Thursday night in Nevada.

According to TMZ, the player was arrested for non-compliance with a protective order. Other media report a conciliatory Chandler Jones when he was put behind bars by the police.

For the moment neither the player’s representatives nor the Las Vegas franchise have commented on this arrest.

Absent since September 5 and a “dispute” with the franchise over access to the team’s premises, the defender has still not played this season and the hope of seeing him again this year seems a little more move away.

All that remains is to hope that Chandler Jones gets all the help he needs to get out of this sticky situation.

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