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Football News

Calvin Ridley is reactivated by the NFL

End of suspension for the receiver, who will be able to join his new club.

Calvin Ridley had applied for reactivation with the league a few weeks ago, hoping that after a year his sanction would be lifted. The NFL has rendered its decision and announced that the Jacksonville receiver is fully rehabilitated, effective immediately. He can resume all the activities of his club without waiting.

The sidelined winger had been suspended indefinitely in March 2022 for placing bets on league games. Despite the sanction, the Jaguars traded him to Atlanta in November, hoping to provide a prime target alongside Christian Kirk to help develop Trevor Lawrence.

The compensation was for conditional 2023 6th-round draft picks and 2024 4th-round draft picks. Rideley is 28 years old and was selected in the 2018 first round by the Falcons. In 2021 he participated in 5 games, recording 31 receptions for 281 yards and 2 touchdowns.

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