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[BUZZ] The Giants are short of jerseys for their players

Despite a valuation of 6 billion dollars (fourth highest value for a sports team in the world), the New York Giants do not escape the problems of the smallest neighborhood teams. Indeed, according to photographs taken in the locker room of the resident franchise of MetLife Stadium and broadcast on Twitter, the players were instructed not to exchange their shirts, for lack of being able to replace them.

TV sequences in the Giants locker room (especially on CBS live) confirm that the paper was already there last week.

On this note distributed to the players, we can thus read, in capital letters:

“To the attention of the players

We will use the white jerseys throughout the play-offs.

Do not trade or give away your jersey to a Philadelphia player after the game!!!

We will need these white jerseys until the end of the play-offs.

The textile company that makes our jerseys cannot make any more for us until the end of the season.

Tell the opposing players that we will send them jerseys after the play-offs. »

No small savings for John Mara’s franchise.

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