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49ers: Deebo Samuel asks to be transferred

Several receivers from the 2019 draft draft have planned not to participate in their team’s practices during the offseason until they receive a new contract. But one of them does not seem to want this contract in his current team. According to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, Deebo Samuel asked the 49ers to trade him.

According to additional information from NFL Media, the problem would not come from the team but from the receiver. San Francisco would have made several offers to Samuel, without success. The latter refused all the proposals made by the team. The problem apparently isn’t financial: he just wouldn’t want to continue with the Niners.

Even Deebo Samuel asked to be transferred, this does not mean that San Francisco is obliged to accept his request. If the 49ers want to keep the receiver, the latter cannot do anything immediately. But one year from the end of his contract, Deebo Samuel is in a strong position.

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