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Derek Carr officially cut by the Raiders

It had been in the air for several weeks, and it’s now official: Derek Carr is no longer the Raiders’ quarterback. He was cut on Tuesday by his lifelong franchise.

In recent days, the media reported that Carr visibly refused to be traded, his contract having a veto right to each trade.

Selected in the second round in 2014, the number 4 started 142 regular season games for the black and silver. He threw 217 touchdowns for 99 interceptions. In 2016, his third year, he even finished third in MVP voting, behind Matt Ryan and Tom Brady.

Last season, Carr led his team into the playoffs despite the departure of coach Jon Gruden mid-season and the imprisonment of receiver Henry Ruggs.

But as in Denver during his first post, Josh McDaniels obviously did not hang with his pitcher, whom he put on the bench during the season in favor of Jarrett Stidham. With their new coach, the Raiders have gone from the playoffs to a record of 6 wins, and are now looking for their new starting pitcher.

Carr’s departure saves the Raiders nearly $30 million in payroll for the upcoming season.

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