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NFL: a list of coaches who could lose their positions at the end of the season

With the regular schedule of the NFL drawing to a close, it is obviously synonymous with the playoffs, but also the famous “Black Monday (Black Monday)” in the Goodell circuit.


At the end of the regular season, leaders of many teams have a habit of firing or replacing their current head coach when expectations have not been met.


Some teams have disappointed this season while others have never or rarely shown encouraging signs. Here’s a list of coaches who could lead their last game with their respective teams this Sunday.


Matt Nagy: Chicago Bears (6-10)

When your own fans chant during home games “Fire Nagy”, you have to believe that at some point popular pressure will get the better of the head coach.


Matt Nagy has been a tightrope for some time at the helm of the Bears as he never knew how to build on his successes in his first season with the team in 2018. After finishing 12-4, the Bears have followed suit with 8-8 records in the previous two seasons.


This year, the team suffered 10 losses with one more game to go. It’s hard to envision a scenario in which Nagy will still be in post at the start of the next season for the Bears.


Joe Judge: New York Giants (4-12)

Getting in trouble without your No. 1 quarterback is one thing, but being as humiliated as the Giants were last Sunday at another struggling team with the Chicago Bears in a 29-3 loss is possibly the drop. could break the camel’s back.


In the absence of Daniel Jones, who has an injured neck, Mike Glennon was given the quarterback position and he completed just four of his 11 passes for gains of just 24 yards. If we add the four sacks conceded for a total loss of 34 yards, the Giants’ aerial play ended the game with less than 10 yards on its counter. That’s the lowest total for a team since the San Diego Chargers in 1998 (under-19 yards).


After a first campaign with the New York team that ended with a 6-10 record, Judge and the Giants have stumbled again this season with a 4-12 record. The housework might not only concern the head coach, as general manager Dave Gettleman could very well endure him who has been in office since December 2017. The Giants have not tasted the playoffs since 2016.


Pete Carroll: Seattle Seahawks (6-10)

Time seems to have finally caught up with Pete Carroll with the Seattle Seahawks. The 70-year-old head coach could lead his last game on Sunday with the squad that has seen more than his share of success since taking office in 2010.


There are a few signs that Carroll may have to give up his post at the end of the season, starting with the echoes of the last offseason that hinted at a potential departure of quarterback Russell Wilson. In the end, he remained with the team, but even on his return to play after an injury, he struggled to produce effectively in the Pete Carroll offense.


Known for his ability to motivate troops, the Seahawks coach has seen his team take a nosedive this season. With a current 6-10 record, this will be the first time under Carroll since the 2011 campaign that the Seahawks will end the regular season with a record below .500. The Seahawks have not made it past the second playoff round since their Super Bowl loss in 2014.


Mike Zimmer: Minnesota Vikings (7-9)

Did Mike Zimmer just play his last campaign with the Minnesota Vikings?


The decision will depend on management if they wish to bring a new voice into the locker room since the 65-year-old coach has been with the team since 2014. With their stinging setback at the hands of the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, the Vikings have officially ruled out of the playoffs for a third time in the past four years.

As at the same time last year, Minnesota is 7-9.


The Vikings have not been spared injury or COVID-19 this season as Dalvin Cook and Kirk Cousins ​​have each had to be absent at some point. Will Zimmer be able to capitalize on this reason to come back?


Vic Fangio: Denver Broncos (7-9)

Vic Fangio will complete his third season since joining the Denver Broncos and the team hasn’t seen much success since that time.


The organization is preparing to close a fifth consecutive campaign with a negative record. Denver hasn’t actually made the playoffs since its Super Bowl in 2015.


Despite all the talent added to his group, Fangio could not do better than a season with a record of 7-9. He’s only recorded 19 wins in 48 games with the Broncos since taking the helm.

Now out of the playoff picture, will the Broncos lay the blame on their head coach?


Coaches who want to be able to bounce back

Without being on a tight rope for the end of the current season, some coaches may see their room for maneuver reduced for the next year if the situation does not improve.


With the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2007, Mike Tomlin sees his team attempt a final push at the end of the season for a participation in the playoffs. It is, however, far from the convincing 12-4 record in the 2020 campaign.


Ben Roethlisberger’s troubles are no stranger to the Steelers’ record and the quarterback may well have hinted that he was playing one last game on Monday night in front of his fans. If a change were to take place in the watch, could Tomlin stay there to ensure the transition? Still, he remains with a career 152-85-2 record with the Steelers.


The current season for the Cleveland Browns is certainly a disappointment for fans. After leading the team to an 11-5 record in his first year in office, Kevin Stefanski couldn’t repeat the magic. The blame may be more focused on quarterback Baker Mayfield than the head coach in Cleveland, but Stefanski’s honeymoon with the team may already be over. It remains to be seen if he can straighten the bar for the Browns.


After showing encouraging signs in his first year at the helm of the Carolina Panthers, Matt Rhule has failed to move the team forward this season. After 16 games in 2021-22, the Carolina team have the same record as last year at 5-11.


The Panthers, however, were once again denied the services of star player Christian McCaffrey and had to turn to Cam Newton this season. Encouraging signs will be asked for Rhule next season.

Despite their poor record with their respective teams this season, Dan Campbell (Lions: 2-13-1), David Culley (Texans: 4-12) and Robert Saleh (Jets: 4-12) should have at least one more chance. to show off as they were at their baptism with their new organization.


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