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49ers – Seahawks (27-7): San Francisco wins but could lose Trey big

San Francisco 49ers (1-1) – Seattle Seahawks (1-1): 27-7

The Niners won, but that might not be the most important takeaway from the game. During his second offensive series, Trey Lance is injured on a run. Escorted off the field on a cart, with an ankle brace, the quarterback would have fractured his ankle according to Kyle Shanahan. His season would then already be over. It was last year’s holder, Jimmy Garoppolo, who finished an unexciting game, facing an offensive opposition close to nothing (0 points scored by the Seahawks attack).

Routine for Frisco

Trey Lance will therefore have played a series, concluded with a field goal, the time to complete two passes for 30 yards, and three races for 13 yards. Then replaced by Jimmy Garoppolo (13/21, 154 yards, 1 TD, 4 races, 5 yards, 1 TD) back in control, the 49ers scored 20 points in the first period (2 FG, 2 TD), thanks to their playmakers usual: In the air Brandon Aiyuk (5 receptions, 63 yards), on the ground Jeff Wilson (18 races, 84 yards) and in the two Deebo Samuels (5 receptions, 44 yards, 4 races, 53 yards). The formula is known and works. In the second period, San Francisco simply runs the clock (38min20 against 21min40 for Seattle) until the end of the match.

Lockett, the tree that hides the forest

If San Francisco does not have to force its talent, it is mainly because in front the attack of the Seahawks has nothing offensive: 216 yards in attack, 2/7 in third attempt, and especially no point . In this slump, only Tyler Lockett out of the game (9 receptions, 107 yards). Alone, he produces 50% of his team’s yards. It’s a lot, it’s even too much. Geno Smith, he falls back into his New York form: 24/30, 197 yards, 1 interception. The ground game is non-existent: 36 short yards.

Seattle’s only points are finally scored on special teams, with a field goal blocked and returned for a TD.

27-7 at the end of the match. If the 49ers won this battle, it will still be necessary to dwell on a match which should have ended with many more points in the bag given the relative adversity of the Seahawks. On the Seattle side, the work is enormous, and there are few reasons for satisfaction after this match against a rival.

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