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The NBA pays a pittance to broadcast Victor Wembanyama’s matches

When the NBA decided to broadcast all future games of Victor Wembanyamaand therefore Boulogne-Levallois (regular season + Leaders Cup + playoffs), we thought it would be a financial boon for the LNB and the Ile-de-France club.

Except that theAFP tells us that the NBA has absolutely not broken the bank since it wrote a check for… 137,000 dollars, or around 133,000 euros. If we reduce that to the number of matches to be broadcast, it comes down to a few thousand dollars per match. It is ridiculous, but what is even more is that this sum will not even be redistributed, and therefore shared with the Boulogne-Levallois club.

The LNB and the NBA have not confirmed the amount of the contract, but on the side of the Mets 92, we plan to take the case to court. ” We’ll only do it if it has a chance of succeeding “explains a club leader, who says to himself “surprised not to have been approached more closely”.

As for Boulogne-Levallois, we know that the League is not obliged to share the sum, but we believe that it was the Las Vegas tour of the Mets 92 which made it possible to put Wembanyama in the light and to attract the NBA for this contract, and that it would only be fair that part of the rights be donated with the club.

Photo: Hervé Ballanger

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