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The Canadian unveils his Reverse Retro jersey in the colors of the Expos

Hello, he’s gone!

The Canadian has just unveiled his Reverse Retro jersey for the next season and the rumors have been confirmed: the Expos’ powder blue has been taken out of the mothballs for the occasion.

On eight occasions this year, the CH will wear it and those who want to buy it can do so in the coming weeks.

Here is a link to see the jerseys of the other teams of the NHL.

What I like is that the CH has identified what sports fans in Montreal like. They anchored themselves in the culture to target a monument in the sporting history of Montreal and a beautiful tribute was paid.

Because even if the Expos are no longer there, they are still part of the culture here and the dream of seeing them still exists. And besides, it would be easier if Geoff Molson could help – if it’s a project that appeals to him, of course.

Bringing nostalgia back to the Bell Centre, in Youppi’s new home! in addition, is a nice flash and for a more conservative Canadian, to go with such a jersey is in line with the mentality of the club.

It is, in my eyes, a success… but maybe I’m biased.

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