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players are still disappointed

Every day brings its share of disappointment for baseball fans. Training camps probably won’t start on time, and a full season seems increasingly impossible.

Today, Saturday February 12, a meeting was scheduled at 1 p.m. between the players and the owners. The plan for the day? Submission of an offer from the owners. Result of the day? Disappointment on the side of the players.

Today’s meeting lasted just under an hour. There is still no agreement reached between the two parties, which seem to be still very distant from each other and little progress has been made.

The players are disappointed with the owners’ offer, but they don’t think it’s that bad after all. That said, it’s because of expectations and not because of the offer as such.

They first offered to remove draft penalties when a team exceeds the salary cap. They also offered third-year players a $25,000 raise, increasing their salary to $725,000. The players’ salary before arbitration would increase to $630,000 with the possibility of more money if the teams want it.

Note also that nothing is changing on the side of revenue sharing or arbitration, which are two important points in the current negotiations.

Also remember that MLB does not want to pay minor players during the camp.

MLB won’t pay underage players during camp

This shows that major league baseball doesn’t care about young players. This is not good for collective bargaining.

And let’s also note that the players are ready to play a shorter season if necessary.

Union negotiations: players are ready to lose games if necessary

Remember that the commissioner said yesterday that losing games would hurt.

The more the days progress, the more the hope dwindles of seeing a full season in 2022.

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