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Baseball News

MLB in brief: Will Clayton Kershaw pitch in 2023? | Wil Myers celebrates with the fans

Will Clayton Kershaw pitch in 2023?

He will take time to think about it, but he thinks he will return to play in 2023.

Duel of the Nola brothers

Aaron (Phillies pitcher) and Austin (Padres receiver) will try to eliminate his brother’s team.

Bryce Harper is celebrating his 30th birthday as he prepares for the championship series.

Will Dansby Swanson return?

His Braves teammates hope so.

Wil Myers celebrates with the fans

The Padres player is very happy to have taken out the Dodgers.

Kyle Schwarber loves Philly

In his eyes, the Phillies have the best fan base.

The Mariners want to return to the playoffs

Participating in 2022 undoubtedly gave them the sting.

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