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MLB in brief: Bryan Reynolds turned down offers | Andrew Vasquez in Toronto

Bryan Reynolds turned down offers

The Pirates outfielder turned down a long-term signing to Pittsburgh in 2021. Did he get enough?

New contract for David Ross

He’s the Cubs manager to stay there.

Rob Manfred got scared

He believed, at a certain point, that games would really be canceled. We too, by the way.

Andrew Vasquez in Toronto

The left-handed pitcher signed a major league contract.

Aaron Judge, the Yankees’ priority

His contract will expire at the end of 2022.

$4.14 tickets for opening day

The Brewers will give fans a gift for the first home game of the season.

The MLBPA is satisfied

She finds that she has made gains.

Robinson Cano will be at Mets camp

What role will he have?

Big money for the Red Sox

The sale of jerseys is going well in Boston.

Speaking of the Sox, Seiya Suzuki is still in their sights.

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