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MLB in brief: Bryan Reynolds and the Pirates do not get along | Andrew McCutchen can’t wait

Bryan Reynolds and the Pirates don’t get along

Despite a contract agreement, the conflict would be particularly around the role of the outfielder within the team.

Giants fans in New York

And he shows his displeasure.

Yankees looking for one more pitcher

And now Colten Brewer is their man.

High expectations for Ronald Acuna Jr.

Talk to Brian Snitker.

Andrew McCutchen has butterflies in his stomach

He greatly anticipates his return to the Pittsburgh Pirates (and especially the first home game).

Adalberto Mondesi starts the season on the wrong foot

He will remain on the injured list for the first two months.

What kind of season for Stephen Strasburg?

He only played one game in 2022.

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Small number problem with the Yankees

Did they get too much out of it?

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