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Kim Ng: Marlins wanted to hire a president over his head

This morning, we learned that the Miami Marlins now, like the Boston Red Sox, need a new person in charge of baseball operations.

For what? Because CEO Kim Ng refused to take her share of the option year of her contract, which makes her free as the air.

The first CEO of professional sports in North America is therefore a free agent. Will the Red Sox be interested? I think so.

But I digress.

Because she did a good job and because the Marlins really improved under her three-year tenure, it’s questionable whether the Marlins worked hard enough to keep her.

But apparently, it’s the opposite.

In fact, the Miami Marlins, according to Jeff Passan, attempted to hire a president of baseball operations, which would have made Ng the #2 in baseball operations in Miami.

This is probably why she would have chosen to leave. Hard to blame her.

Remember that a similar situation occurred in New York. The Mets hired David Stearns and GM Billy Eppler left… but it’s because he’s in trouble. #Oops

So I don’t believe the rumors that send Ng to New York as GM under Stearns. That said, if the division of tasks is clear from the start, it would be a game-changer. But I still don’t believe it.

The way things are going right now, I would be very surprised if the Red Sox don’t give him an interview. However, I do not know if she would be the successful candidate.

Otherwise, she has such a good reputation that she can just wait for another opportunity.

  • Alex Cora and Kim Ng know each other.
  • The lineups for the 8 p.m. match tonight.

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