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James Paxton banishes doubts about his state of health

In an off-season where the Los Angeles Dodgers have signed or traded to get their hands on almost the entire MLB roster, the acquisition of James Paxton is perhaps the one that has gone the most under the radar.

However, we now learn a little more about the situation of the left-hander, since the latter spoke at length with journalists.

The one who faced knee problems as a member of the Boston Red Sox in 2023 first affirmed that he had no doubt that he would be ready for the start of the next campaign.

With Paxton being a 10-year veteran who has dealt with injuries before, the Dodgers probably won't ask too much of him, especially early in the season, although the Gunner confirmed he will felt well and all his physical tests were positive.

I'm an older player now, and my body isn't perfect. So there are things that have kind of accumulated over the years. But I feel really good right now. All the physical tests are really good. I feel strong and ready.

Paxton will join a talented rotation that has its share of question marks in Los Angeles heading into the 2024 campaign.

Indeed, with a Yoshinobu Yamamoto who has never pitched at the MLB level, a Tyler Glasnow who has a history of injuries as long as his arm, a Walker Buehler who is returning from Tommy John type surgery and a Bobby Miller who has never launched a full season, we cannot say that the strength of the Californians is at this level.

And despite Paxton's confidence in his health, doubts will linger for a while yet.

Sébastien Berrouard

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