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International draft: players can postpone the decision and sign

It remains unclear whether MLB and the players will agree to a new collective agreement tonight.

And if there’s no deal tonight, MLB could push the deadline…again.

At the heart of the debate: the international repechage.

What we know is that the players are against the idea. They don’t like it at all, to be honest.

And in the file, we do not know who is telling the truth. The players say they have always refused it.

Among the bosses, it is said that they have always accepted until very recently. Who knows.

What MLB is prepared to do, to force the decision of the players, is to postpone their decision by offering them possibilities.

The first one? Remove the qualifying offer for free agents and give guys the chance to take the international draft (from 2024) by November 15, 2022. If the players refuse? We open the collective agreement after the 2024 season.

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That said, the players don’t like the idea that the bosses can reopen the convention. It gives them power.

It is understandable.

Otherwise, we are talking about choosing between the “qualifying offer and international draft” combo and the “neither one nor the other” combo.

Being the players, I would choose the status quo option.

Clearly, it’s midnight minus one for everyone. It is said that all that is missing is the repechage to get along.

Idea: postpone the problem until later. Keep the situation as it is. It takes the ball.

If there is no agreement, the situation will get worse and the players will want to negotiate to be paid for 162 games, even if Rob Manfred will cut a second week of games.

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Sign the contract, no matter what. After nearly 100 days, it’s time.

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