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The Padres gave up, says Juan Soto

Juan Soto doesn’t seem like a naughty boy like Manny Machado was in the days of the Orioles, for example.

That said, Soto also doesn’t seem like the point guard the Padres need right now. Does that explain the deal rumors last month?

I have no doubt that the winner of the 2019 World Series is eager to taste victory once again. That said, he doesn’t seem to know how to hang on to it to achieve his ends.

For example? He sometimes focuses too much on the opponent – ​​like on Shohei Ohtani, for example.

Soto is having a good season despite a slow start, but he can’t convince his teammates to follow his lead.

Are things happening in the club dressing room? Ken Rosenthal seems to think so, something is going on.

In any case, whether it’s in the locker room, whether it’s via the players or whether it’s via the manager (when are the questions about Bob Melvin?), something is happening.

And Juan Soto said it: sometimes players give up.

The outfielder claims that during the series against the Mariners, where the club was swept, the club just stopped fighting. The guys conceded victory in Seattle.

It’s horrible, all that. After all, the playoffs are still (a little) in the sights of the club.

Most importantly, guys are supposed to be able to find the motivation to win as a group. Not being able to do that is serious.

The club may be 4.5 games from the playoffs, but forget it: the club does not have what it takes to qualify.

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